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I'm there!
I've never bought Fallen Angel before because, well, I didn't even know the book existed until issue 7 or so and then couldn't find back issues so didn't bother jumping on since I had no idea what was going on. BUUUUUT... I DO know Sachs and Violins and will DEFINATELY be picking it up because of them so I hope they are integral to the story and not just in it for a panel or two cameo.

Oh, and the George Perez cover certainly will get me to pick up an extra copy just to drool on.... ; )!

You know, now that I think of it, DC did the same thing with The Monolith, another book I never heard of before. A friend of mine was telling me how good it is and I was like, 'WOW! Phil Winslade art? I'm there!" Then he proceeded to tell me they're up to issue 10 and it's cancelled at #12.

Nice going DC. Promote the doody out of books that sell themselves like Green Lantern: Rebirth (You'd have to be dead to not know about that one) or Jim Lee and Brian Azzarello's garbage-stink Superman but don't let the readers out there know about books like Monolith or Fallen Angel.

You know, I remember the days when DC did these neat, eye catching house ads in the 70's to alert readers of new comics coming out. Whatever happened to the good old days?

From Newsarama article:
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Let's see if Zac even reads this

So after another long talk between Cory and I here are the two biggest problems that the two of us can't resolve.
1) All of our discussions are academic until Cory or we gets/get that first book published. Cory doesn't want to get that book published until the people he wants are ready to drop what they are doing and jump into this, and the people he wants to jump into this can't even fathom making that decision until he/we publish that first book.

2) Cory expects this first book to be a smash success and that our business plan should then allow for us to almost immediately (probably within 6 months to a year) to devote all of our time to the numerous opportunities that he expects to come up. Meanwhile, I'm a proponent of planning like that first book will need to be built up for months if not years and will be our sole or one of a few titles that we would be working on for at the very least that 6 months to a year if not longer. Cory is planning for the best of days; I'm planning for the worst of days.

Where and how can we compromise on these? This is where we will have to start.
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Marvel Quarterly Report


Publishing net sales rose a modest 15% in Q3 of 2004 compared to 2003, $22.6 million versus $19.6 million; keeping the year to date results for 2004 ahead of those for 2003 by nearly $10 million - $63.9 million in 2004 versus $54.3 million in 2003.

Marvel attributed the growth in publishing to “strength in core comic sales, advertising and custom projects. In total, there was an approximate 5% increase in total circulation to 12.4 million units compared to the prior year period, reflecting success in the Company's title management strategy. Excluding one-time gains of $1.0 million related to pre-bankruptcy claims, operating income in Q3 2004 would have been $8.4 million with an operating margin of 37%, compared to an operating margin of 36% in the prior-year period.”

Operating income rose from $7.0 million in Q3 of 2003 to $9.4 million for the same time period in 2004. Likewise, the Publishing division’s year to date operating income rose from $18.3 million for the first nine months of 2003 to $25.7 million for the same time period of 2004.

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Seriously, apparently they are just handing these out.

According to, every single one of Devil's Due 4 new titles, which as far as we know consist of some series' synopsis and a couple completed covers, have all been optioned for movies, television and video games. None of these titles have even shipped yet or have sold a single issue, and yet, they are all optioned already, i think that this is in an interesting thing for us to be aware of.
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IM Thoughts (Dan and Cory)

We talked about possibilities for the summer and then after the summer. We talked about business opportunities that Cory is looking into and we had a difference of a opinion about the ease of which we'd be able to immediately form and work on the company.

First Place Thoughts:

1) The Town Fool: if you can get even one title off the ground prior to this summer then we're 100% ahead of where we are right now
2) therealcorytd: you think that if its never been done before it'll never happen
3) The Town Fool: you find someone that has succeeded in our situation as easily as you want to believe and you'll sell me

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