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Oct. 9th, 2004 @ 05:58 pm IM Thoughts (Dan and Cory)
Your Name Here Bomb
We talked about possibilities for the summer and then after the summer. We talked about business opportunities that Cory is looking into and we had a difference of a opinion about the ease of which we'd be able to immediately form and work on the company.

First Place Thoughts:

1) The Town Fool: if you can get even one title off the ground prior to this summer then we're 100% ahead of where we are right now
2) therealcorytd: you think that if its never been done before it'll never happen
3) The Town Fool: you find someone that has succeeded in our situation as easily as you want to believe and you'll sell me

About the summer:

The Town Fool: what would you expect to accomplish in 3 months with little capital anyway that we couldn't do in our spare time?
therealcorytd: i mean, according to the time tables i've read, Malcolm could be seeing print from Image (if we're picked up) about that time
therealcorytd: so that would mean we could do lots of press type stuff and try to set up more properties
therealcorytd: and we would have some capitol, not much at all, but a tiny little bit
therealcorytd: by july or early august we would be getting some checks from Image
therealcorytd: so i mean, we could be doing some things
The Town Fool: but that's not any different from pumping it up in our spare time...and zac and I are still getting paid
therealcorytd: i dunno, that's what we need to figure out

About business:

therealcorytd: i'm looking into small business stuff like trying to line up free office space in an "incubator"
therealcorytd: which are federally funded small business incubators, they provide free office space, legal services and business management advice from retired CEO's
The Town Fool: but what does that do for us really? i mean it's good, but it doesn't change all the things we'll be doing. Trust me, we'd be meeting with other people they wouldn't be coming to us
therealcorytd: agreed, but that was an example there are tons of small business opportunities, particularly in weak economies for minorities (which on paper, i am!) so there's a chance we could line up a lot of free or limited liability capitol
therealcorytd: they have tons of loans things and venture capitalists groups set up that get federal tax breaks for investing in minority businesses
therealcorytd: and then there are other similiar groups that are encouraging growth in a weak economy through the same way
The Town Fool: so then you still aren't your own boss and you have to repay loans which cuts even more into any profit or even wages we'd be trying to earn
therealcorytd: no, you're still your own boss, venture capitalist invest long term for silent, small percentage of ownership
therealcorytd: like 10 of profits or something
therealcorytd: and you just make it clear in the get go that it's a long term plan
therealcorytd: there won't be much of a short term gain

About after the summer:

The Town Fool: what does Ink do after Zac and I go back to school?
therealcorytd: that's what we need to figure out
therealcorytd: there's two ways to treat it, the first is that Ink "expands" and you guys in your actual free time, make an effort to work for the company part time in your respective cities
therealcorytd: or that you guys are on holiday and totally useless to me for 8 months out of the year
therealcorytd: i would prefer the first, but more than likely you'll both take the approach of the second
therealcorytd: and then y'all are relegated to editing stories and helping me refine ideas
The Town Fool: which is more realistic considering school and zac's paper job plus anything I might end up doing next semester or year... in doing that we'd be editing and talking about ideas and talking to comic shops and such...and we could do 2 out of 3 of those while still having jobs during the summer
therealcorytd: you're right, you could, but let's just wait and see, if there is enough money available for you guys to work with me this summer, then let's do that

Differences of opinion:

therealcorytd: we can also lure them in with the possibility of licensing and movie rights
therealcorytd: we sell them on "prospects" and "potential earnings" and we get the money we need to start our business
therealcorytd: so look, we don't bring money to the table, but we bring a lot of marketable skills,determination and the ability to create license and rights generating products
The Town Fool: you're selling smoke and mirrors and you really expect to get a lot of bites on that?
therealcorytd: no, not smoke and mirrors, Dan, how many comic movies are out right now?
therealcorytd: how many spider-man lunch pails?
therealcorytd: you don't sell smoke and mirrors, you sell "potential"
The Town Fool: you also can't sell: "marketable skills,determination and the ability to create license and rights generating products" until we have a product
therealcorytd: "we have tons of products down the pipe"
therealcorytd: how many titles have i thought up?
therealcorytd: original, marketable, unlicensed and full of rights, titles?
The Town Fool: only a complete idiot would think a new character will have that kind of ability in the market.. and if they're that dumb then i'm not sure we really want to be working with them
The Town Fool: they are ideas, cory
The Town Fool: not titles
therealcorytd: we don't want them working with us, just their money
therealcorytd: i'm telling you Dan, the money won't be the hang up
The Town Fool: quit that... we aren't an established production company, publisher or even name
therealcorytd: and yes i think i can convince a lot of people that every character we make could be the next spider-man
The Town Fool: you can't compare the two
The Town Fool: if you can find startups that are this easily successful then you'll sell me
therealcorytd: well, give me until the summer
The Town Fool: but you can't bring up Sony Pictures and make me think that equates to us
The Town Fool: you find someone that has succeeded in our situation as easily as you want to believe and you'll sell me